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"In the aftermath of the horrible attack on the World Trade Center many Americans have attempted to come to grips with their emotions. One person who has done so in eloquent fashion is Sue McCollum. In Brave and Free she has captured and put on paper many of the thoughts and prayers that others, myself included, only wish they could find a way to express. Thank you, Sue, for your living, caring heart, and for your prayers which help support those of us in the emergency services."
      —Ed Greene, Fire Chief, Menlo Park Fire Protection District Task Force
           Leader, California Task Force 3 (FEMA) Sept 19—October 1 at Ground Zero

Written in rhyme, Sue touches the deep emotions we all felt during that historic day and the weeks that followed this horrific event. A time of great sorrow, shock, and fear for our loved ones and for our great nation. This book speaks to the raw emotions we all
experienced during this time.
     Brave and Free will be a pertinent reminder to the generations to come to never forget the horror of this day, the heroes of this day, and the weeks of hope and turmoil that followed.
     We are forever grateful for those men and women who 'stood in the gap ' and left a profound impact on all. These are the men and women who continue to make this a nation of the 'Brave and Free.'