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“Sue McCollum is a poet with a unique writer’s gift. Her poetry speaks to the soul, as well as to the mind and the heart. Sue’s new book, Who Holds the Key? is a gift to all of us, to be read time and time again. This book is the guide to living a meaningful and joyful life everyday. Here is the perfect book of poetry for our bedside tables. Enjoy”!
    —Ginger Ackerley Seattle, Washington

What on earth are we here for? A Gallup poll says that 98% of the people when asked this question did not have an answer.   Who Holds the Key? tackles this question. Done in rhyme, this book has been written to help you explore the questions, Why am  I here? Who holds the key to why I am here, at this time, and in this place?  Am I an accident or is there a greater plan for me?
     Inspired by Rick Warrens book, The Purpose Driven ® Life. these poems were written to remind you of the concepts that Mr. Warren puts forth in his book and also to encourage you to discover your own personal answer to the question, just who does hold the key to my life?
     These are questions each of us must answer for our self. This life, here and now, gives us the opportunity to do just that, to explore just why we are here and to answer the question, Who Holds the Key?