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“In Sue McCollum’s unique voice of rhyme and meter, she speaks to all the seasons of married life and experience with refreshing wit, gritty honesty and joyful hope.”
    —Pastor Bob Hanley, Sun Valley, Idaho

“When God grabs you by the back of the neck, and says, “Let’s write” write, McCollum says, her sapphire eyes snapping. Her third book, Real Love Stories Have No Endings... McCollum takes you by the heart into the luminous landscape of love and marriage. Beginning with the “I Do” and the “Honeymoon,” the climb begins. Her poems on the landmines of love and marriage are both heartbreaking and powerful. She understands well, that sprinting in a marriage gets you from Monday to Friday. In a are in it for the distance. It means, going that “extra mile” of love.
    —Carol Hill, author, Saskatchewan, Canada